Man Spends Long Time Leaning Out Of Window With Blow Dryer To Help Shivering Pigeon Warm Up During Chilly Day

The world is full of cold and negative people, which is why it’s so important to find stories that warm our hearts. And in this story, we found an incredible display of kindness and empathy that truly proves there’s hope yet for humanity. A man was recorded on video in Turkey helping a distressed and freezing pigeon warm up by using his blow dryer. The scene took place in Sultangazi, located in Istanbul. On one frigid day, a man saw a wet and shivering pigeon on a ledge outside his window and decided to offer the poor bird some help.

In the video, a man is seen leaning outside his window (almost to a dangerous extent), holding a blow dryer while stretching as far as he could toward the pigeon. The bird shivers on the ledge but clearly appreciates the warm burst of air enveloping its body. The video was shot by a bystander some distance away but clearly shows the grateful bird allowing the man to help warm it up. The Good Samaritan was later identified as Sabahattin Yilmaz, and according to DHA, he warmed the little creature up for 15 minutes! The man’s neighbor posted the video online.

According to Yilmaz, he saw the bird cowering at the corner of the sill just after opening his window. The poor pigeon was wet and “about to freeze” due to the cold temperatures, he noted.

After about 15 minutes, Yilmaz also fed the pigeon with some birdseed he had onhand. However, the poor creature still didn’t completely recover.

“I saw that it was still there so I warmed it up again, after the pigeon recovered again, and after eating a good amount of seed, it flew away,” he said to local media. He added he had no idea the video was recorded and put online. He simply did it out of kindness. “The pigeon is a living creature and deserved to continue living, that is why I did it,” he said.

The short video clip has since been viewed well over 10,000 times.

“Need more people like this in the world how excellent would it be,” said a user, while another noted, “Turkey people are amazing.”

You can watch this heartwarming video below.

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