Man Weeps Tears of Joy After Using Virtual Reality to Meet His Late Wife Again

Have you ever lost someone you loved when they passed away? The closest person I ever lost was my grandmother, and I’d give nearly anything to be able to see her and talk with her just one more time. However, short of paranormal and metaphysical possibilities, I know that I’ll never get that chance. Well, for some folks who are willing to do it, virtual reality is now providing a way to “meet” someone again. Virtual reality has taken the world by storm, and VR technology has come a long way since first being introduced to the public years ago.

With VR, you can essentially be teleported to any imaginable environment, at any place and time. A South Korean TV show is using VR technology to reunite people with their loved ones who have died and allowing them to have one last “memory” with their departed loved ones. In season two of the show, which is translated to “I Met You,” a 51-year-old man named Kim Jung-soo got one last chance to meet his wife through virtual reality. Kim’s wife battled an illness for years before she passed away and left him alone to raise their five children. He had just one wish: to see even his wife’s shadow one more time.

However, Kim’s daughters initially opposed the VR reunion between their parents, citing that they just wanted to move on from their mother’s passing and try to live as happy a life as the situation allowed. As it turns out, though, the daughters had a change of heart because it was their dad’s last wish. They remembered the deep love their parents shared and they could see how much it meant to him to have this chance. On January 11, 2020, Kim’s last wish became a reality. In the video, you can see that he is deeply moved.

In the video, you can see that Kim isn’t the only one who was moved. His children were also crying as they watched their mom walk into the house. Watch this video below.

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