Man Who Ate 32,340 Big Macs In His Life Holds World Record For Most Ever Eaten

You might be wondering who in their life would count the number of burgers they’ve eaten. But here we are with a man who’d just broken his own record in eating the biggest Macs, maintaining his title as “The King of Big Macs.”

Donald Gorske, a 67-year-old, started his Big Macs spree since he was a teenager.

“I love hamburgers like no other food. I am closing in on 50 years of eating them next year, after eating a Big Mac every single day,” said Donald. “This is a McDonald’s Big Mac – it’s the best sandwich in the world! When I like something, I stick with it all the time.”

Donald from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, shared that he’s been having two Big Macs a day since the 70s and by the late 90s, his feat was already recognized. He even shared the date when he began his crazed burger lifestyle: May 17, 1972!

Since he got his first car, he would drive and eat as many as 9 burgers a day!

Donald Gorske really does keep track of the Big Macs he’s had since the first day. He keeps the recipes and packaging of the burger. They’re all neatly lined up in his trophy room along with other merchandise and even acknowledge he’d get for having Big Macs so often.

All the receipts are in their respective boxes, lined up by the year!

His wife, Mary Gorske, shared how the Big Mac is a huge part of their relationship, “Don Gorske did not tell me about his Big Mac obsession when we first met, I’m not sure It was quite an obsession then, he ate Big Macs every day. Sometimes I would even bring him a Big Mac; I just didn’t realize it would go on forever.”

Donald is still a healthy person despite the 2x 563 calories from two Big Macs.

He maintains his health by walking 6 miles a day and avoiding consuming the fries to cut down on carbohydrates. Thanks to his amazing achievement, he’s received so many collectibles from people worldwide, mostly vintage items Donald would surely appreciate.

But he doesn’t plan to give up on the title anytime soon!


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