Married Life Summed Up Perfectly In These Hilarious Tweets

All relationships are like a roller coaster ride. You have to ride the highs as well as the lows. And of course there will be lows, none of us are perfect therefore we can not expect perfection. There are bound to be tiffs in between the lovey-dovey parts. So one thing everyone who has ever been in a relationship would say is that compromise is essential. So of course when these little disagreements arise, you are able to work things through together.

For those of you who haven’t been blessed with finding your other half, these tweets are a bit of an insight into what married life can be like at times and it is utterly hilarious!

They do say laughter is the best medicine,so what better way to get through those bumps then with a bit of humour.

1. Bless him, the fear is real

2.And who says romance is dead HaHa

3.He is clearly not getting away with not doing a chore somewhere in the house


4.Like we said compromise is key LOL

5.We love that he’d rather lie than admit that his wife was probably right

6. Maybe they should have discussed the amount before having to discussing this

7.Now this is a different type of dirty talk!

8.Lists are essential else how else are you going to remember the essentials!

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