McDonald’s Worker Caught As She Sticks Hand Down Her Pants Some time recently Scooping French Fries

Ever stumbled upon an employee who had poor personal hygiene and an infuriating attitude. Or perhaps an employee who sticks a hand down pants before giving out orders to customers. If you’ve r been a victim of the mentioned above, you aren’t alone. A clip from inside a McDonald’s restaurant has gone viral, and we can’t say if the requested fries were eventually served.

Kelsey Kwiatkowski, 21, can be seen in a clip sticking her hand down her pants before scooping french fries

An employee named Kelsey Kwiatkowski, 21, can be seen in a clip sticking her hand down her pants and looking behind with an angered expression. The now-viral clip is believed to have been recorded on camera by a friend or a fellow staff inside the restaurant. ‘Excuse me, ma’am, can I get my large fry?’ The unidentified man who filmed the video could be heard asking.

Could it have been a prank? We can’t say as Kelsey was equally spotted scooping the fries with the same hand from the trousers and walked over to the camera.

In a different clip, she was seen smoking publicly inside the restaurant. Since uploaded to her TikTok page of over 50k followers on Dec. 16, viewers have been left disturbed by Kelsey’s action.

Oh, hell no. I ain’t eating any fast food anymore.’ A user said. A second added: ‘I want a refund for every time I ate there.’ Clarifying her actions, having experienced criticism, Kelsey, in an updated post, claim the video was taken in 2016 as a joke. ‘This video was taken in 2016, as a joke! We closed for the night and had to take apart everything to clean it. It’s a joke!

Nonetheless, Kelsey uploaded one with a Merry Christmas caption, and expectedly, it’s trending too.


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