Meet Thunder- The 7ft Tall Great Dane- Who Is Often Mistaken For A Horse.

Thunder is a lovely 8-year-old dog who is 7ft tall and often mistaken for a horse. Thunder absolutely loves all the attention he gets when he goes out for a walk with his mommy. He is a gentle boy who loves children and sometimes gets afraid of small dogs.

Thunder is a giant dog who is 7ft tall and weighs more than 15 stone. The Great Dane is often mistaken for a horse when he is out with his mommy for a walk. He is a gentle boy who loves children and small dogs. The 8-years old Thunder was adopted by Jenny and Chris soon after he was born.

  1. This giant dog is 7ft tall and is constantly mistaken for a horse
    This Great Dane is called Thunder and weighs more than 15 stone but still always manages to sit in her mommy’s lap. Thunder is 8-year old and loves the attention he gets whenever he goes for a walk. People often mistake him for a horse and drivers frequently pull over to take pictures with him when he is out with his mommy.

“People stop to take photos and can’t believe that he’s a dog,” Jenny, who herself is 5ft 1, says.

. Thunder is a lovely boy who loves children
“They think I’m walking a horse.
“Even the vet is always talking about Thunder because they can’t believe how big he is.”
“He’s so well behaved, we can leave food out and he won’t touch it,” she says.

  1. Thunder also has a friend who is a Chihuahua
    “He just hangs out with us, he pokes his head in the fridge but doesn’t touch anything.”
    “My friend has a two pound Chihuahua and she loves Thunder.”
    “She jumps on his ankles and he’s great with kids. All of our nieces, nephews and cousins love him too.”
  1. Thunder is a very gentle boy who gets sad when someone yells upon him
    “He wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Jenny added.
    “If you yell at him, he’ll sit in the corner and turn his back to the wall.
    “We baby him because he’s so good and so gentle.
    “He tries to sit on my knee because he doesn’t realise how big he is and he’s knocked me over so many times but he does it by accident – he’s just playing.
  1. Thunder’s dad is a champion show dog
    Jenny and Chris waited for the champion show dog to have puppies and adopted Thunder soon after he was born.

“His tail is at the same height as a man’s groin so they have to be careful playing with him too.”
“Thunder’s free to do what he wants and we have a pond he can bathe in during the summer,” Jenny continued.
“He fits in the house because he has his own area. He is 100 percent our child.
“He’s such an amazing dog.”

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