Meet UK’s Popular TikToker Shauni Kibby, Who Spreads Body Positivity Goes Viral For Decapitating Toys

There are millions of people following Shauni Kibby on her social media accounts. She’s widely known for being the UK’s 4th most popular TikTok star. One of Kibby’s most liked and viral clips featured the beheading of a plastic Pikachu doll to get a smaller one inside. It was dubbed a clever editing trick.

Shauni Kibby, 21, is UK’s 4th most popular TikTok creator with 14.1 million followers.

Apart from her toy clips, Kibby also spreads messages of body positivity. In her latest, the 21-Year-Old showed herself struggling to put on a pair of jeans. Instead of getting upset or promoting weight loss, she just smiled and danced with undone jeans.

Her followers love her toy videos. One in which Kibby beheaded a plastic Pikachu doll to get a smaller one inside went massively viral.

This is in contrast to many influencers who promote unrealistic body standards to their followers. In an interview with Insider regarding the latter, Kibby, who goes by the name @itzshauni on TikTok, said: “Because I’ve got a young audience, I feel like it’s really good for me to do that.”

In between, Kibby spreads messages of body positivity and self-love for the younger generation.

According to Insider, Kibby now has 14.1million followers and had initially started posting on in 2016 when she left school. At the moment, it’s now her full-time job, and she’s regularly brainstorming ideas and movies for several hours per day.

The TikTok creator presently resides in the seaside town of Weston-Super Mare in the United Kingdom with her family and BF, a fellow TikToker Jake Sweet, who has a following of 9.1 million. Occasionally, Kibby is faced with hateful remarks about her content, but most of her messages remain awesomely positive. She hopes to be a positive role model for a young generation, and as seen, Kibby is nailing it.

The TikToker is faced with hateful remarks, but most of her messages are awesomely positive.

She addressed hateful feedbacks, saying: “When I first started posting, I knew that If I was going to do it, I was going to get hate. I’m good at blocking it out. I don’t think it bothers me at all.” Kibby shared that she’s pretty shy and introverted but enjoys being able to do her work from behind a screen.

At teen, Kibby told Insider that she struggled with confidence and bullied herself about her appearance. However, she wants to spread the message of self-love to young people who might be going through a similar situation. Kibby also wants people to know that they don’t have to compare themselves to the influencers they see on their phones or the people they see in the real world.

Kibby hopes to be a positive role model to young people who struggle with confidence and bully.

On the other hand, a survey from Mental Health Foundation found that children aged 11-16 are highly conscious of their looks. 52% worried about how they look. Of those aged 13-19, 35% said their body images cause them to worry. So far, Kibby’s TikTok is one place young teens might find some of these inadequacy feelings subsided.


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