Megan Fox Bothered By A Bizarre Thing On Her BBMAs Pics With Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox walked the Billboard Music Awards red carpet this year and turned heads. You cannot NOT be taking second looks with Megan Fox walking in that daring and gorgeous one piece next to Machine Gun Kelly, who hid his own surprise.

In couple picture she took with MGK, however, Megan had noticed something in her picture and honestly, most people didn’t even realize!

It wasn’t the all-black tongue MGK painted his tongue in.

Machine Gun Kelly also won ‘Top Rock Artist’ with his album ‘Tickets To My Downfall.’

The win also marked his first-ever big achievement in his 15-long-year music career. On the stage, MGK choked as he spoke, “I wanna say something to the dreamers out there who are going to be tested by reality the way I was — suspend logic and invite magic.”

“If five years or 10 years or 12 years had been too long waiting for this moment, then I wouldn’t be having this moment. Show the universe that it can’t take your dream from you.”

The fact that both of them were so stunning makes it really hard to pay attention to anything else. Can you guess?

Megan captioned the post that was up before the party started, “It’s the broom for me.”

To be fair, it really took a lot of people awhile to notice that broom because we have two whole gorgeous subjects to take in.

Who cares about some stupid broom – they look perfect!

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