Mia Khalifa Forced To Block Loads Of People After Break Up With Husband

Mia Khalifa has been flooded with attention following her split from her husband, Robert Sandberg (two years of marriage). The news of the separation sent a shock wave across the internet, especially as Mia claimed it had been long overdue. However, the influencer has shared that her block button has ‘never been exercised more.’

Mia Khalifa, 28, has been forced to block people after announcing that she’s single.

This comes after a Twitter user questioned: “How many DM’s do you think @miakhalifa received when she announced she was single?” Responding, the 28-Year-Old said: “My block button has never been exercised more. Zero faith in humanity remains.” Another Twitter user then suggested that Mia utilizes the same energy as she did when a hockey puck struck her at around 80mph, which ruptured her breast implant.

Days ago, Khalifa branded her split from Robert as long overdue and said they “can walk away saying we tried our absolute hardest.”

The user said: “I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded of a certain puck nearly taking you out, but you instead took it like a champ. Take some of that implant rupturing energy and break some b*lls. You are a strong, inspiring woman. Don’t let a few free willies ruin your faith in humanity.” Another asked: “Are you going to share the collection of d*** pics for the world to laugh at?”

The duo who got engaged in March 2019 split over ‘unresolvable’ differences that no one can blame the other for.

A third wrote: “Aww, you broke up? Sorry to hear it. If you’re still into Danish boys that can cook, I’ll be glad to step up.” While a fourth added: “Queen, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. If you ever fancy a trip to Spain, text me; I know the country as the palm of my hand (sic).”

A Twitter user opined that Mia utilizes the same energy as she did when a hockey puck struck her at around 80mph to curb the rising attention.

Mia and Robert, the Swedish chef, had got engaged in March 2019 and were due to have their wedding ceremony on 10th June 2020, but it was canceled due to the global pandemic. Nevertheless, the duo officially wedded at their house later that month. According to Mia, the Lebanese born-star, the marriage couldn’t work despite having gone through a year of therapy together.

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