Model Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth!

A lot of expecting parents within the period of their pregnancy tend to prepare for their baby’s arrival.

Nevertheless, a couple in this article realized they were becoming new parents after giving birth to their unexpected bundle of joy.

The new mom, Erin Langmaid is an Australia-based model

Erin, 23, is represented by Neon Models and currently has an estimated 11,000 followers on Instagram.

For her relationship life, Erin’s long-known partner is Dan Carty

Just recently, they both celebrated their two-year anniversary.

Aside from their anniversary, the couple had something entirely different to celebrate

The couple are now parents, even though they both had no idea that Erin had long been pregnant.

On October 29, Erin felt ill and went to use the bathroom

Within 10 minutes, Dan heard Erin screaming and hurried to assist her. He was shocked at what he saw.

It took Dan sometime before realizing Erin was actually holding a baby

‘I heard a scream and I ran in there. Then I saw the little one and I thought, hang on there’s two.’ Dan said in an interview with 7NEWS.

After the initial shock, Dan called paramedics as the baby wasn’t breathing

So, with some coaching tutorials from emergency personnel via the phone, the couple were able to their newborn girl breathing.

Later on, Paramedics came in and took Erin, Dan, and their baby girl to the hospital.

Their daughter Isla is healthy and everyone is doing great.

Isla is weighing a little over 7 pounds at birth while Erin maintained her body shape

‘I wasn’t showing because I fit into everything. It’s just really bizarre.’ Erin said.

Erin acknowledged she had been using contraceptive injections and had no symptoms of pregnancy. She’s six months pregnant in this photo

When she gave birth, doctors estimated she was 37-weeks long

People congratulated the couple online

Erin’s pregnancy can be unusual, but it’s not entirely uncommon

The family spoke to the media and everyone is doing well

Presently, they are starting a new life with their unexpected gift

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