Mom-Of-Three, 19, Reveals How Her Teacher Shamed Her For Falling Pregnant At 14

Kayte is a mom of three at the age of 19, a fact that surprised many people. She is open about her pregnancy journey and shared that she had her first child with her ex when she was 14.

Kayte shared she dropped out of school and proceeded to have two more kids.

Katey gave birth to Casey, her first child, when she was 15. Then she had her second child, Summer, at the age of 16. She recalls how finding out about her pregnancy when she was 14 made her feel like her world was falling apart.

Yet, years later, she can now happily calls it the “best thing that ever happened” and revealed that her two other children were planned.

Nevertheless, she receives a lot of backlashes every time she opens up and gives advice to other teenagers and young mothers.

She shared how she was too embarrassed to go back to school because an “unprofessional” teacher decided to announce her condition to the whole school. When asked why she didn’t take an online option, Kayte explained, “Not everyone has this. When I was 14, I wasn’t given the option for online learning.”

“Also, my school wouldn’t allow me to bring a baby into the school.”

“Falling pregnant at 14 was a surprise.”

“But I planned my pregnancies at 16 and 19,” she continued. The 19-year-old shares that she and her current partner, 25, are planning to have more kids, but after they can find a bigger house and more savings.

“So, I planned to have all my kids young, so when I get older, I can work on my dream job.”

Sharing about her first childbirth, she described it as “completely painless” after getting an epidural, but it took 40 minutes for her dad to sign the paper. The contractions were worse with Summer, but she was small. Her youngest, Rayleigh, actually was so big she dislocated her tailbone, and he got stuck.

But when asked, she “wouldn’t recommend” getting pregnant without financial stability.

She encourages fellow young mothers, and in return, many people encouraged her, “Don’t listen; they need to mind their business because you know exactly what you’re doing, and you’re providing for you and your kids very well.”

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