Mom Sees Family in Front of Her Pulling Groceries Out Their Cart

Rachael Scott is a mother of three, who was simply trying to get her grocery shopping done as fast as possible, just like any other shopping trip. However, while waiting in line to check out, she noticed a family sorting through their cart in a very meticulous manner.

Once she realized that the family was choosing only the grocery items they needed and putting aside the ones that were wanted, such as popsicles, to stay within their budget, Rachael knew she had to step in and pay it forward.

Rachael detailed her experience on Facebook:

“I felt the Lord say buy it. Our family lives well and we have what we need and a enough for extras. I didn’t have a clue what it would cost but I said yes Lord. I spoke up and said go ahead get those the Lord is paying for those extras today. The mom just looked at me. I was trying to not make a big deal and just do it, but I saw one of the little girls wipe tears from her eyes and it almost broke me.”

The shopping trip ended with Rachael filling more than just filling a refrigerator and their cupboards. She was also able to fill their hearts.

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