Mom Took Savage Revenge On Woman Who ‘Befriended Her’ & Slept With Her Husband

Nothing good comes out of having an affair. Cheating on all kinds of levels is horrible and should be called out. But to do it with someone who’s married and with kids is just a whole different level.

This woman ‘befriended’ a homewrecker and did not know that she was sleeping with her husband while offering to take care of the kids. In revenge upon discovering the painful truth, she plastered her face on public spaces, declaring it a “Public Service Announcement.”

Yikes, just yikes and in a public library too.

Someone took a picture of the announcement and shared it on the ‘Trashy’ subreddit, upvoted more than 27k times. One of the users commented that the woman might be the same woman going viral on their town’s Facebook page.

“Public Service Announcement: Homewrecker.”

The announcement listed a few things of what the woman had done to her family, starting with: “sleeps with married men and is proud of it.”

She continued the listing, “Lost all her kids to CPS. While sleeping with married men, she will befriend the wife and offer to babysit the children.”

“Thinks her behavior is cute and funny,” she added. But that’s not the biggest bomb in this list because the last one stated that she “has contracted STDs such as Chlamydia.”

“Karma is only a b**ch if you are a… homewrecker.” And a lot of people agreed.

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