Mother Taught Me Everything Except To Live Without Her

Today I am writing about mother’s love for their children and sacrifices. Mother is the one who gave us a birth and bring us into this world. She carry us with her for 9 month and suffer a lot of pain, tiredness and everything during her pregnancy. Then during the time of giving birth she suffer from a lot of pain that is equal to the pain if someone breaks your 26 bones at the same time. Then after that she feed milk to her child for almost 2 years. She takes care of her child and help them to learn early age education and everything that is necessary for her child. Then after that when they go to school then she helps them in their study. She works all the day for her child till her child grew up. She sacrifice all the things for her child.
Its our responsibility to love and respect her. So, I am writing few quotes to express my love for mother.

Mother is your first and best friend.
Nothing can replace the love of mother for their child.
One mother can take care of 8 child and her love is still the same for all.
Behind every successful person their is always a woman that is mother.
GOD compares His love with the Mother love as He said ” I love 70 times more than to Mother’s love”.
It does not matter if she is educated or not but she is the best teacher who teach us how to show care and affection.
I have a great Mother and my love for her is uncountable.
No one can love you like your mother.
If their is forever in this world that is the love of mother for her child.
Mother taught me everything except to live without her.
Nobody will support you like your mother. If you mother is alive then love her.
A mother love for her child never end because the love of mother includes purity and constancy, both of which are eternal.

There is no women like my mother. She educated me, always supported me, kissed me, gave me birth, dressed me, fought for me with the world, held me in her arms, shouted at me whenever I did mistake, but most importantly her love for me is without any condition. There are no words that can describe how much my mother is important for me and what a powerful affect she continues to be.
Love of a mother for her children never tremble. It’s quite possible the she may not be the smartest, or always say the right things, or want costly clothes, but she shows up for her child, time and time again, in unexpected ways. She shows her care love even after her child is grown up. It is a connection of heart to heart and soul to soul.
There is no one who can replace mother and can do the things she does, or has done for you. No one can compare to her. If anyone who can love you more than your mother is God. She’s only one person. Mother is a person who matters most. Its not matter where she is now… in heaven or here on earth! Mother love is irreplaceable and there is nothing like that love.
Mother keeps her child for the nine month in her belly and three years in her arms and always keeps in her heart.
A mother is always a mother. Her worries about her children never end, even when they are all young and become a father and have own children.
There is a message of a mother to her children “If you ever need my help then just call me for once It does not matter that I’m sleeping, or busy in my own issues or work. No work is more important for me than my children. It’s does not matter that how the circumstances are, I will always present there to support and comfort you during your time of need. so always be sure that I will present there for you and I will love you forever.

There is no relationship like mother and son. It does not matters what the struggles are. It is a connection of a heart that supports you for the lifetime.
Dear Mother, I am crying today and had a tears in my eyes are because I am missing you so much and I just wanted you to know that you are present in my heart and will be there forever till the day when I see you once again.
You will start watching your heart walking outside of your body when you gave birth to a child and become a mother.
Its not matter that how much old I am still I need my mother. She made me laugh when I am sad and dried my tears and hugged me. She has seen my success. She has seen me go down. She give me spirit when I was down and help me to rise again and happy when I rise again.
Mother has no worry of death. Their greatest worry is to go from this world and left their child alone and knowing that no one will love them like her.
Mother can sacrifice all the things for her children because being mother is also a big sacrifice. Mother can sacrifice his own dreams to fulfil their child dreams.
No one can take the place of a mother because she is irreplaceable.
No mother can be perfect because each mother has different responsibilities and has different types of child and have different behaviors but she tries her best to become a perfect mother for her child and takes care of them.
I love you my mom. I take my inspiration from you and I got success in my life because of you. you gave me spirit that help me a lot to become successful. I am missing you my mom so much and always love you.
The relation of child and mother is described by love. Mother always prays for her child and it never ends. She ask from the God for her success.
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