Mum Of 4 Quit Her Job To Be A Dumpster Diver, Earning $1000 Weekly

A mom from Texas found her treasure chest in the dumpsters of giant corporations. Thanks to that, she’s been able to make over $1000 a week while donating her hauls to various places depending on what she found that week.

Tiffany She’ree calls herself the ‘Dumpster Diving Mama’ and together with her partner, they have been hitting dumpsters after dumpsters.

The 32-year-old mom-of-four had a full-time job as a canteen server in 2020 before leaving it completely for dumpster diving. While she keeps many of the things she found, she went on a serious dumpster diving trip and actually made over $1,000 during garage sales.

Tiffany shared, “I’d never heard of or thought about dumpster diving before I randomly saw a video on YouTube of these girls dumpster diving.”

“When I saw the haul they came back with I knew I had to try it for myself,” she continued. And evidently, she and her 38-year-old husband Daniel Roach were rewarded well. She’s filmed herself finding bags upon bags of candles and soaps from Bath ‘n Body Works, brand new Horizon treadmills, and even a $250 Samsung Smartwatch.

Beauty products so much you can’t use them all up in a lifetime. She makes extra money from selling them at a 2017lower price or just donating them.

It was in 2017 when she first got her $1,200 haul with beauty products. Since then, the couple along with some of their friends would go on to film what they found in the dumpsters of luxurious brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Party City, and Ulta.

“I’ve found bedsheets, pillows, blankets, towels, little odds and ends, even pet products like cat trees and dog cages.”

But she’s also been faced with criticisms who liken her activity to ‘stealing.’

She’s had some of her videos removed on TikTok for “illegal activities and unregulated goods” although her activities are legal in the US. Tiffany believes, however, that she’s at least prevented this trash from filling the landfill and she’s evidently been out of trouble for years now.


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