‘My Best Friend Cheated With My Boyfriend, So I Married Her Man As Payback’

Dealing with an unfaithful best friend is hard to ignore. It’s the most difficult of all feuds, but some people are going the length, making payback the new order of the day. A good instance is the now-viral tale of Twitter User @Toe_enthusiast, who accidentally discovered that her boyfriend of years was cheating with her best friend.

@Toe_enthusiast ended up marrying her best friend’s boyfriend after discovering she was cheating with hers.

Her best friend was also in a relationship during this time, so she never suspected anything until the discovery. “This is how I accidentally found out my boyfriend of 2 years was cheating on me with one of my friends and how I ended up marrying her boyfriend instead.” @Toe_enthusiast wrote on Twitter.

She explained that her boyfriend was acting off and knew something was up, but she wasn’t sure how to talk to him. Fast forward to two weeks later; he told her he had a work trip and wouldn’t be responsive for a few days. “I didn’t think much of it until I asked my friend to hang while my boyfriend was gone, but she said she’s going on a trip with her boyfriend.”

She got suspicious when her boyfriend and best friend said they were going on a trip around the same time.

At this point, she got suspicious as things weren’t adding up. When she spoke to her best friend’s boyfriend, he never mentioned a trip. Instantly, her gut instinct told her something was fishy. She continued: “So my bf and friend are both gone now, and I had no actual proof they were together.” Eventually, @Toe_enthusiast found out they were cheating through Poparazzi, a photo-sharing app where your friends create your profiles, and you will receive a notification when a friend takes a pic of you.

“They were at a party, and someone posted a pic of it on Poparazzi, and it showed on my featured pops, lol. I didn’t confront them or anything, but I sent the Poparazzi pic to her BF saying: “What lie did she tell you. He told me he had a work trip lmaooo. The aftermath: @Toe_enthusiast hooked up with her best friend’s boyfriend and added pics of themselves on Poparazzi for them to also see.

Eventually, the Poparazzi picture exposed the cheaters, and thanks to the cheating duo, @Toe_enthusiast experienced the best relationship ever.

“Originally, it was just to get back at them, but we clicked, and two years later, we’re married. So thanks to my cheating BF and backstabbing friend for the best relationship I’ve ever been in.” The post, which has since migrated to Instagram, concluded. As expected, it garnered reactions, and numerous people have aired their opinions in the comments. “Truth always surfaces! What’s done in the dark eventually comes to light.” One person wrote.


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