“My Boyfriend Pays Our Rent And Bills – He Has No Idea I’m The Landlord”

Truthfulness and trust are vital in a relationship. But this article is hinged on the opposite. Recently, @jaynedoee0 confidently took to TikTok and revealed she’s been living with her BF for about a year, who agreed to foot the rent and the essential bills. Well, this BF literally has no idea that his rent money has been going into her pocket since she owns the property.

@jaynedoee0 didn’t tell her boyfriend she owns the property he’s paying rent and bills for.

“So me and my man have been living at this place for a year now. He pays the rent and all major bills. Little does he know I’m the landlord and have owned this place for five years now. So his direct deposits are going straight to me.” @jaynedoee0 said in a now-viral clip that has garnered over 2million views while leaving opinions divided.

The duo has been living at the home for about a year now and little does the man know his GF is the landlord.

@jaynoee0 has owned the place for 5years, so direct deposits go straight back to her.

Numerous people believed the woman was using her boyfriend and dubbed her actions sneaky and wrong in the comments. “That’s so wrong. It shows you’re just using him. Poor guy.” One person wrote. Another added: “So she doesn’t pay any of the major bills just milks him for it? Yeah, that’s love, alright. User.”

In the comments, some praised her action, while others called her “sneaky.”

Unsurprisingly, a few people stressed that Jaynee has to pay the mortgage for the property while also paying for upkeep costs as a landlord. In this light, they shared that her boyfriend’s contributions don’t just go into the pocket. “You guys think she pockets the money as if she doesn’t have to give that money to pay a mortgage, insurance, and property tax.” Another pointed out: “I mean she still has to pay the mortgage on the building. Rent in an apartment doesn’t get pocketed; it goes to taxes and mortgage.”

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