My Cheating Boyfriend Got Engaged To Someone Else – His Fiancé Worked In Our Office Too

This is the height of heartbreak! The tale of Rachel Devin is certainly blown out of the horrific world. In early May, Rachel took to TikTok and shared that she found her partner had been cheating when he declared his engagement to another woman on Facebook. Adding salt to the injury, this allegedly transpired on their first anniversary, and this new girl happened to be working in the same office as hers.

Rachel, in particular, relieved this discussion she had with friends who equally spotted her BF’s post on social media. As she mimed the words to Olivia Rodrigo’s Good 4 U, Rachel, in a clip, claimed her friends had said at the time: “Hey, so I think your boyfriend got engaged to another girl on your anniversary.”

Giggling off the accusations, Rachel Devin responded: “Lol, that’s hilarious, but there’s no way.”

Her friends eventually urged that she look at the photos. At this point, it dawned on Rachel that it was, in fact, her BF who was engaged. In an updated clip, Rachel dubbed her now ex-boyfriend a sociopath and explained it was her first legit boyfriend; hence she missed the most apparent red flags. “We worked together, and I thought it would get complicated, and I was trying to be a responsible adult.” Rachel said, referring that the relationship had been kept off their colleagues’ knowledge.

Rachel’s now ex-boyfriend was her first legit boyfriend; hence she overlooked the most apparent red flags.

She added: “I’d met his roommates, several of his friends, and no one ever said anything. I went home the weekend of our first anniversary, and when I came back, he was totally normal.” Nonetheless, Rachel recalled how he started acting sketchy, but of course, the BF had pegged it on studying for his medical school entrance exams. She further stated: “Then one night, three girls in my sorority came in, told me I needed to take a seat and that they needed to tell me something.”

Her BF of one year got engaged to another woman in their office on their anniversary

Rachel called it a quit with the guy but gathered the courage to message the new girl and informed her of all that has transpired.

“And that’s when they showed me the picture of Facebook of my boyfriend getting engaged to this other girl who also happened to work in the admissions office.” As expected, Rachel called it a quit with the guy there and then. On the other hand, it took her about two months to work up the courage to message the new girl and informed her of all that has transpired.

Part II: The Confrontation Story.

The woman reportedly didn’t respond, but Rachel observed the new fiancé unfriend her boyfriend on Facebook and deleted every single photo of them together. However, this whole tale has since gone viral, and many people found it relatable. One user claimed her then-boyfriend had given another girl the same ring and everything on the first anniversary of their breakup. In contrast, another claimed hers married on what would have been their sixth anniversary just four months after break up.

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