‘My Dad Named Me After His Mistress, So He Wouldn’t Get Busted For Cheating’

You’ve probably heard stories of how some people got their name. Some sound more extravagant than others, while some are less exciting than most. But you probably have never heard about using your own child’s name as a cover-up for your affair.

“So I feel like most people who are named after somebody have like a cute story behind it or they’re named after somebody really special… that is not the case for me,” an American woman started her story with a can of beer in her hand.

Kristina shares the story behind her name on her TikTok under the username @keepingitkristina.

At this point, the parents had a good relationship. They decided that he gets to name the baby if it’s a girl, and she gets to name the baby if it’s a boy. The mother went through a C-section surgery because of complications, and she had to rest in bed after the delivery.
Because of that, it was her dad who filled the paperwork and announced her name: Kristina.

Kristina continued, “When my mum came to, I guess she didn’t really hate the name, so she just kind of went with it, and you know everything was fine for a few months until…”

Here’s the plot twist, “My mum found out that my dad was cheating on her… and guess what the woman’s name was. Kristina.”

Why go to such length? “So if he messed up and called her the wrong name, he could say he was talking about me.”

The video has more than 760k views and after asking the public’s opinion, she’d decided to keep her name.

A lot of people share their own stories. One shared, “I’m named after the brand of my dad’s favorite guitar… just happy he liked his Taylor, more than his telecaster.”

Another shared, “My name is Jessica because it was ‘unique.'”

A user named Lenae shared, “My dad heard a story on the radio about a girl named Lenae who was murdered.”

Wow, lacking creativity much these parents, eh?

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