My Faith In Humanity Is Being Restored

The world seems so dark and depressing at times, so it is important to shine a light on all that is good in this world! Here are some perfect examples of truly inspiring people who are just out there quietly doing good. All of these people below will restore your faith in humanity, and make you realise its really not all that bad.

1.Anything that involves animals is automatically super cute, but a comfort-dog for other dogs is just next level amazing!

2.Now this is true love. He worked hard for a whole year so he could donate an organ for his sick wife.

3.Wow now this is how the leaders of the world should be acting. A truly selfless act by a princess

4. We can not believe the dedication that this man had to achieve his dreams. He is truly inspiring and everyone should know his story, and if you work hard you can achieve your goals.

5.Another truly inspiring human. Risked his own life to save a little girl, and now she is all grown up and he gets to see her graduate!

6.Another graduation. We are so glad these kids remember where they can from, and clearly appreciate everything that people have done for them to have a better future.

7.Love this so much! A child that clearly love his mother and isn’t ashamed to admit it!

8.This Dad wins the best Father award hands down. This time the parent is showing how much love he has for his daughter


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