‘My Mum is engaged with my ex-boyfriend. I can’t believe it, I’m so embarrassed.’

When you’ve been on the internet for a while, not many things can surprise you. And we’re here again with another heartbreaking, weird story from a viral TikTok. Marisa, now an adult, reveals that her mother is engaged to the same man that was her boyfriend.

The video went viral with more than two million views, sending people in confusion as to how it happened.

Marisa captioned the video with, “Wait… who is marrying your ex-fiance?”

She then used the ‘My Mom’ soundtrack by Eminem that answered the question. For story-time, she made four videos to explain what happened. “Unfortunately, 60 seconds isn’t enough time to tell you how my mum ended up getting engaged to my ex-fiance,” Marisa began.

“To cover bases, yes, he is my age; we dated in high school. And to make it even ‘spicier,’ he moved in with us a couple of months after we started dating.”

So there was her, her partner, then her mom and stepdad. Her ex had already proposed to her then, and on their third anniversary, her mom split up from her stepdad. A month later, Marisa also decided to break up as she didn’t want to commit yet at the age of 18.

But after moving out, Marisa found out her mom was still hanging out with her ex every day.

She called her out, “I asked her all the time, WHY are you still hanging out with my ex-boyfriend? Why are you doing that to me? It’s weird.”

Her mom’s answer? “He is my son, and I love him, and I am going to hang out with him whether you want me to or not because you put him in my life, and you don’t just get to take him out.”

Marisa had repeatedly asked her to stop her ‘strange’ acts as it made her feel uncomfortable. Finally, in 2019, her mom admitted that she’s dating him. Marisa recalled, “Then I really stopped talking to her for about a year.”

Marisa moved back in after breaking up with her then-partner and was pregnant. And they’re still living together, all three of them, under the same roof.

One user mocked the mother, “He’s my son *proceeds to marry him.*”

“This is just beyond the pale. I can’t believe you can tell this story so calmly,” wrote another.

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