‘My Sister Has Been in Love With My Husband For Decades — She Spent Our Wedding Day Sobbing’

Because we humans have emotions, we can develop some undue affection for unexpected people, including a sister’s husband or a brother’s wife. But whatever the reason might be, falling in love or even secretly desiring your sibling’s significant other will only result in traumas.

This is, in particular, the situation of a family after one sister couldn’t get over a decades-long crush on her sister’s husband. Taking the matter to the subreddit AITA, Mara highlighted her story claiming that she’s being blamed for stealing her sister’s man.

Mara and Patty (a biological cousin yet adopted) grew up as happy and loving sisters.

Mara’s sister, Patty, who she is no longer talking to, is biologically her cousin but was adopted by her parents when she was young, so they grew up as sisters. “She’s also on the spectrum but in the way that it would just lead to social problems,” Mara explained.

She revealed how her family, who had three daughters, and her husband’s family, who had three boys, were friends and used to joke that their kids would possibly marry each other as they got older. However, it turned out that Patty had a crush on Sam throughout high school, but Sam never felt the same about her.

But their feud emerged after Patty accused Mara of stealing her decades-long crush. Although, Sam never felt the same.

During this period, Mara and Patty lost their mom and sister, which resulted in Patty spending more time with her biological parents and wasn’t around as much. Amid the summer of Mara’s sophomore year, she went on dates with Sam while Patty was away visiting her parents. Just when Mara told Patty about her relationship with Sam, she got furious and accused her of stealing her man.

The feud got to the point that Mara’s dad asked the couple not to tell Patty about their engagement until she had more time to process.

At this point, Mara had already grown feelings for Sam. The pair officially started to date when Mara was nearing the end of college. The happy couple eventually broke the news to their families that they were together and got thrilled, apart from Patty, who left the room in floods of tears and phone into work sick for an entire week.

Since it had been years since high school, Mara believed Patty should have gotten over it.

The situation got more awkward when the duo decided to get married in early 2020. Since it had been years since high school, Mara believed Patty wouldn’t be upset like the previous, but when the couple announced their engagement, her dad’s first reaction was to beg them not to tell Patty until she had more time to process and accept the relationship.

Mara and Sam waited but later felt it’s ten years since high school; hence Patty had enough time to process it. The pair got married with just immediate families, and Yes, Patty cried the entire day. The crying was so bad that their dad had to take her home early, and this also implies that Mara never got a photo of her with her dad on her wedding day.

But the situation got more awkward when the duo decided to get married. Patty cried the entire day; it got so bad that their dad had to take her home early.

The next time Mara and Sam set their eyes on Patty was July 4th. Her dad warned Mara to keep her distance from her husband Sam while Patty was there. “Patty is still sensitive about the whole thing,” her dad stated. Both Mara and Sam thought it was ridiculous and acted as they would typically do. However, this caused Patty to leave the party after only an hour.

Seeing this, her dad went to Mara and accused her of being insensitive to Patty’s needs. Sam’s family equally agreed that the couple should be more sensitive. Mara argued it and questioned why she shouldn’t enjoy being newly married just because her sister isn’t onboard. So far, Redditors are on Mara’s side.

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