“My Sister Is Marrying My Ex-Husband, And My Mom Says I Need To Get Over It”

During the pandemic, a lot of things took a different turn. Families had time to be together, and works, including any other activities, were judiciously done from home. But it turned out; a few families got driven apart during this time. A good instance is the now-viral story of @sarahdepp08, who shared how her sister dropped the bombshell that she was marrying her ex-husband.

@sarahdepp08 expressed her shock at knowing her sister is getting married to her ex-husband.

“Does anyone else remember that one time in 2020 when your sister, who was your best friend for your entire life, decided to get engaged to your ex-husband? @sarahdepp08 said in the TikTok video, before adding that her sibling had even been the maid of honor at her wedding to the very same man, whom she was married to for 5years.

Sarah’s sister was the maid of honor at her wedding to the same man, whom she was married to 5years.

The TikToker then referred to the family member, who’s ten years older than her, as ‘Trash’ and jokingly asked her audience for the number for Jerry Springer. The clip has since been watched over 2.1million times and has garnered over 500K likes and reactions. “This is soooo wrong. Can’t wait for their divorce.” One person said. Another added: “That’s messed up.”

Users considered the turn of event as a big-time betrayal:

In an updated series of 13 clips, which has equally amassed tens of thousands of views, the woman gave more details to what she termed the dumpster fire, sharing that she had been the one to leave her husband, who was 20 years her senior. More strange, when she was with her ex-husband, he never got on well with his then-sister-in-law. After their separation, she didn’t hear from either of them, which she considered “weird.”

More strange was that when Sarah was with her ex, he didn’t get on with his then-sister-in-law.

But thanks to internet access, she did some investigations on social media and realized that both her ex-husband and her sister had become romantically involved. As expected, the TikToker exposed what seemed to be a secret affair to their whole family, admitting she felt embarrassed by the entire situation as well as betrayed. However, her parents didn’t confront her sister, and her mom believes she needs to accept what has happened without complaints.

Sarah’s parents didn’t confront her sister, and her mom believes she needs to accept what has happened.

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