Never Drink Water That Has Been Left Over Night

A habit that we should all observe is to drink a glass of water each morning on an empty stomach. It has so many amazing health benefits. However something you should NOT do, is drink water that has been sitting all night next to your bed.

As you will have probably observed, some water that has been sat for a long period will have bubbles appear around the edge. The scientific reasoning behind this is as follows.

As a glass filled with water sits for a long period of time its temperature rises slightly. A once cold glass of water will get warmer. This causes the dissolved gases in it to come out and form bubbles along the inside of the glass. This change is clear to see and is harmless. However as you have probably also noticed, water that has been sat usually has a slightly different taste. And usually not a good one. This is where you should be careful!

However have you ever wondered why the taste changes?
Despite the fact water doesn’t contain ingredients such as protein or sugar, studies have finally provided an answer to why water that has been out all night, tends to have a different taste in the morning.

This is a result of the large amount of bacteria, dust, and toxins present in air, all of which settle inside the glass of water.

An open glass is susceptible to all sorts of dust particles, toxins or bacteria entering the glass. These can be microscopic and so while it may look ‘clean’ there can be some nasties lurking inside.

Also when water is exposed to air, it begins to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, this reduces the pH level of the water and gives it an off taste. Therefore a glass of water that has been left out overnight, doesn’t give the body the same benefits as a fresh glass. On the contrary, it may have a bad effect on the body, because it’s full of bacteria and toxins in the morning. It is therefore recommended to pour out the old water and only drink fresh water, which isn’t contaminated in any way.

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