New Trend Challenges Women To Balance Lipstick On Their Collarbone To Prove How Skinny They Are.

Recently, a worrisome trend was started by a Chinese actress. In the trend, she challenged other women to balance lipstick on their collarbones to show how skinny they are. The trend got popular with many women sharing their own pictures while balancing the beauty item on their collarbones

A bizarre new trend is roaming around the internet these days in which a woman is supposed to balance a lipstick on her collarbone to show how skinny she is. This trend was started by a Chinese actress who shared a video on her Weibo account. In the video, she was seen balancing the beauty product on her collarbone and she challenged her fans to do the same. Many young women got amazed by her ‘ideal body’ and decided to accept the challenge.

  1. A bizarre new trend is ruling over social media these days, in this new trend women are balancing lipsticks on their collarbones to prove how skinny they are
    This trend was first initiated by a Chinese actress Chen Shu who shared her video on Weibo. In the video, she was seen balancing the lipstick on her collarbone.

Chen Shu shared a video of her balancing a red lipstick, and said: “New skill unlocked! Come and try this challenge with me.”

  1. Many of her fans got impressed by her ‘skinny body’ and decided to try the challenge
    Many of her fans were amazed at the balancing act, and started idealising her “skinny” body.

One commented: “Why are you so skinny?! You are incredible!”

Another added: “I have lipstick, but I need to borrow your collarbone.”

3. Ever since this challenge started, women have worryingly been showing that they are skinny enough to complete the challenge

4. Skinny women are being praised for being able to balance the lipstick

  1. Such trends are unhealthy for the minds of young women
    A spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro, who commissioned the research, said: ‘I have to admit it’s a bit worrying to see the influence that social media sites and celebrity culture is having on women and their perception of ‘the perfect body’.

“Whilst implementing a healthy and active lifestyle is positive, I would urge Brits to be careful that they don’t take it a step too far.

  1. Not all fitness trends are best for your body
    The spokesperson also said; “We’ve seen how quickly certain trends, like the thigh gap and the controversial Kyle Jenner lip challenge can escalate, with many young people jumping on the bandwagon to stay up to date with the latest trends.”

“Many of these include fitness trends that aren’t necessarily the best for your body.”

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