Only People With Perfect Colour Vision Can Read These Words

You might think that your vision is perfect because you can easily identify shades and hues, but there’s really more to it than just knowing what colour you are seeing. There are different types of tests that can determine if your colour vision is what it should be.

Only people with perfect colour vision can ace this colour blindness test.

The general agreement is that 8% of men and 0.5% of women worldwide have some type of colour vision deficiency. Colour vision depends on our eyes and brain working together to perceive different properties of light.

The most common types of colour blindness are inherited. They are the result of defects in the genes that contain instructions for making the photopigments found in cones.

Do you want to test if your colour vision is accurate? This quiz should help you figure out. [Don’t adjust your monitor; otherwise, that would be cheating!]

Do you see the hidden word in this image? If you can see the word TREE, you’re right!

This is a tricky one. The world you should see is EAT.

Can you see the word BOOT hidden?

The hidden word here is SWEET. Are you on a roll? Only four more to go…

You should see the word PARK here.

An easy word but not so easy to see for some. The hidden word in this image is HAT!

You should see the word BREAD here.

Possibly the hardest one of all… The hidden word is LOVE.

How well did you do? Did you pass the test with flying colours!


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