Overconfident Husband Tries Being Pregnant For A Day, Battles Entertainingly

Australia TikToker Maitland Hanley was excited for his newborn son, and as a content creator, he ought to bring something interesting for the people. At the same time, he was curious about how it feels like to carry a baby with you 24/7 at all times?

Maitland and Jessica are a couple from Brisbane, Australia. Both are active content creators, particularly on TikTok and YouTube.

They love coming up with hilarious videos and skits from their daily lives. On TikTok, Maitland has over 147k followers there, where he shares jokes and funny series such as this one below! And now we begin the day of a (fake) pregnant man.

This one-day pregnant series had over 16 million views, with people joking more husbands should try the same thing.

Obviously, the whole thing was meant as a joke and appreciation for his wife’s struggles. The man couldn’t have recreated the feeling when your hormones fluctuate!

And he starts from the most natural thing: getting up from the bed.

Even if it’s just the weight, we also know how being in this situation for a day vs. nine months is just different.

But it’s at least entertaining to see a guy struggle and at least earn a glimpse of the life of a pregnant woman.

He has to admit that some simple tasks just become impossible to do.

But on the other hand, there are tricky things he didn’t struggle with.

Such as wearing his own shoes!

Or doing push-ups! Although, arguably, we doubt most pregnant women would want to do this.

Don’t forget the cravings, guys, ugh.

You just have to get what you want, or it’s a disaster.

But oh, yeah, he definitely enjoys it when he can. Like turning his belly into a compact table.

Maitland introduces his newborn baby son, Aizen Kai Hanley, last week!

And we can already see what a hilarious, doting father he’s going to be!

And his 6-pack is back now. We have to say we’re going to miss Maitland with 3 melons.

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