Paul Walker’s Daughter Got Married, Vin Diesel Walked Her Down The Aisle The Video Is Heart-Touching And Going Viral World Wide

Meadow Walker is married to actor Louis Thornton Allan and has shared photos of their big day wedding on social media! The 22-year-old model smiled broadly in a photo of her at an awards ceremony held in private among her close friends and family.

Nearly eight years ago, Meadows’ father, Paul Walker, died in a tragic car accident when his Porsche Carrera GT hit a pole and caught fire.

Meadow always shared photos of her father on special occasions. Just last month, she shared a photo with Paul of another child who turned 48.

Meadow also founded the Paul Walker Foundation on Paul’s birthday in 2015, two years after his death. “Thinking of his father made him think about his hobbies,” Meadows said. A passion for the sea, a passion to save animals, a passion to help people, a passion for voluntary mercy.

“I wanted to find this foundation because I want to share some of it with the world. I want to share this with others.”
“I am very proud to open a foundation on Paul Walker’s birthday. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my father.

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