People are building ‘Chicnic’ tables for their chickens, and they are adorable

After coming up with cute and adorable picnic tables for squirrels, people are now building ‘chicnic’ tables for chickens in their backyards, and we cannot get over them.

Previously we reported how a guy from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania came up with the idea of mini picnic tables for squirrels. Where most people consider squirrels as a nuisance, this guy made the whole experience fun.
Now the trend has shifted to making picnic tables for chickens that are being called chicnic tables. We have seen a lot of cute tiny tables for animals, but these chicnic tables are by far my favorite when it comes to the next frontier in small tables for animals.

After tiny tables for squirrels, its time for chicnics to shine.
In case you don’t remember how the picnic tables for squirrels looked. Here’s some context.

Rick Kalinowski, the guy who came up with this idea, has turned it into a business and is now selling them as kits that people can set up in their backyards.

Moving on to chicnic tables.

If this is not the definition of cute, what is?

These tables have raised sides as opposed to typical picnic tables so that the food doesn’t fall down.

But some people have built traditional tables for their chickens and have started serving food in plates. How adorable.

I can’t get enough of these; I am going to get one for my imaginary backyard chickens.

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