People Go Crazy After Chastain And Isaac Shared A Red Carpet Moment At The Venice Film Festival

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac attended their new HBO miniseries scenes from a Marriage at the Venice Film Festival. The duo appeared stylishly cute, but their sensual display has sent the internet, particularly Twitter, into a frenzy. Their intense chemistry after sharing a ‘sexy’ red carpet moment has left their fans stunned.

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac have sent Twitter into the wild after they shared a ‘sexy’ red carpet moment.

Amid attending the premiere of their new HBO miniseries, Chastain posed for photos with her left arm draped around Isaac.


44-Year-Old Chastain had posed with her left arm around Isaac’s shoulder when he tenderly caressed her bicep. The duo then shared a smoldering gaze before 42-Year-Old Isaac leaned over and kissed her arm, prompting Chastain to smile and pull him in for a hug. A slow-motion clip of the sexual exchange has since gone viral.

The duo shared a gaze before Isaac leaned over and kissed her arm.

The moment has equally resulted in several comparisons of Bradley Cooper, and Lady Gaga, who had sparked their unfounded affair rumors amid promoting A Star Is Born in 2018. In particular, a film critic Christina Newland shared the clip on Twitter with the caption that reads: “I wish I had words for this, but I really do not.”

Here’s the full clip as shared on Twitter.

The Marriage co-stars hugged and kissed while they walked the red carpet together.

The video has been watched over 10.1million times, inspiring a flurry of comments about incredibly sexy the moment was to watch. “I have many theories about why this is so sexy, but one is the sudden onset of laser-focused attention in the middle of a chaotic environment.” Author Linda Holmes tweeted.

A slow-motion video (watch above) of the sexual exchange has gone viral.

Chastain and Isaac played married couple Mira and Jonathan in their new HBO miniseries.

Actress Busy Philipps tweeted: “Oh my sweet lord.” While a fan gushed, saying: “This video of Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain is quite literally the sexist thing I have ever seen.” Another added: “The way we have latched onto that video of Oscar Isaac smoldering at Jessica Chastain as a society, we are starved for on-screen sexual tension.”

The video inspired comments about how incredibly ‘sexy’ the moment was to watch.

However, the co-stars are both married to other people, and this realization has led to some wrongly speculating that they are having an affair. It turned out Isaac’s wife, filmmaker Elvira Lind was at the premiere and watching from the sidelines as he and Chastain put on a show for the cameras. Lind and Isaac have been married since 2017 and have two children together.

Chastain has been married to Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo since 2017 (Left), while Isaac wed his wife, Elvira Lind, the same year (Right).

Isaac and Chastain have been close friends since college at Julliard.

On the other hand, Chastain and her husband, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, married in 2017 and have two children together. Many people pointed out that the palpable chemistry between the two actors isn’t an indicator of an affair. Some argued with Cooper and Gaga, insisting their flirty exchanges were merely a ploy to promote their movie.

But many people learned the co-stars are both married to other people, leading to rumors of an affair.

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