People Treat Me So Differently As I Lost 40kg, Beacause I Was Fed Up With ‘Being Obese’

Leneah Morrison shared on TikTok that she “stopped” being fat and started following an intense training regimen. For a year, she became a regular gym goer, followed a strict and healthy diet, and underwent a remarkable transformation.

Morrison shares a TikTok video that shows her transformation from before she started working out to what she looks like now.

“I was tired of being obese,” the woman wrote in the video’s caption. She put a few pictures when she still had the extra 40kgs on her. “So, I quit.”

Then she shed over six stones of fat and shocked people with how different she looked now.

Curious minds were asking if she felt the difference in how she’s being treated, and she answered, “Yes, 100%.”

Many were also relating to how people were noticing them more as their figure slims down, and Morrison chimed in, “It was a crazy feeling at first, like just being stared at more.”

But the journey was not entirely smooth. She encountered many common weight loss problems, such as hair loss and loose skin.

But the girl said that the loose skin “doesn’t bother me.”

A lot of praises were thrown in her direction, with one commenting, “PROUDDD OF YOUUUU, honestly best feeling ever I was 110kg and now down to 89kg, still a bit to go but it’s the best feeling hands down.”

“Congratulations. I wish I had the mental strength for that,” wrote another.

“Respect! I’m actually inspired and you look amazing,” reads another comment.

Morrison shares that her method is through calory deficit. Meaning, she had to burn more calories than the amount she took in.

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