Place An Ice Cube On This Exact Point

Although this article may sound peculiar for people not familiar to this ancient technique, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to have learned something you probably didn’t know before.

These secrets are known to make you feel energized and make you look younger. And yes, all you need is one simple ice cube.

Feel the nape of your neck; where the base of your skull meets the top of your neck. This is called the Feng Fu. This is the pressure point you want to place the ice cube on.

If you put ice on it on a regular basis, your body rejuvenates itself allowing you to feel full of life and health.

These are some of the things it can do:

  1. Improve your quality of sleep.
  2. Improve your mood.
  3. Heal your digestive system.
  4. Help relieve colds.
  5. Help relieve headaches, toothaches and pain.
  6. Aids in healing respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease.
  7. Helps with thyroid issues.
  8. Helps PMS.
  9. Aids mental health.

This is how to properly target the Feng Fu pressure point:

Lie on your stomach, take your ice cube and place it right at the point indicated and hold it there for 20 minutes.

However, if you don’t have time to lie there for 20 minutes, then just secure it with a scarf and go about your day. Do this regularly in the morning before breakfast and also at night before bed with breaks of 2-3 days.

Don’t be alarmed, after 30-40 seconds you’ll feel some heat at the Feng Fu point. But keep doing it and within the first few days of continuous use, you’ll feel a europhic sense while your body releases endorphins.

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