Random Life Pro Tips To Make Life Easier

15 Random Life Pro Tips To Make Life Easier

Tips that can improve your life in one way or another.

1.Keep a pair of cheap wooden chopsticks next to your toaster for fishing things out. Safer than a fork. Less melty than plastic. Cheaper than buying tongs.

2. As soon as you get a name for your baby, create an email address for her/him and share it with your family. They will be able to send messages and pictures. It’s going to be the best present for your kid in a few years.

3. If you have a dog with a double coat (Husky, Akita, Bernese etc..) after brushing them leave their hair out in your garden and nesting birds will take it to insulate their nests.

4. If there is an item you’re afraid you might forget to take with you, place your keys on top of it/ next to it. That way you’ll never leave without the item in question

5. If you need to quickly convert °C to °F, double it and add 30. Vice versa for °F to °C, subtract 30 and divide by 2. It’s not an exact conversion, but more of a temperature range.

6.When you’re presenting in a meeting/classroom and you need to quieten the room, speak more quietly, not more loudly.

7. Buy some of those plastic floss-pics and use the toothpick end to clean out the charging port on your phone.

8.Want to peel a boiled egg easily? Immediately dropping it into an ice bath out of boiling is crucial

9.If you have heartburn, lay down on your left side.If you lay on your left side, your stomach and its gastric juices are lower than the esophagus, which helps reduce the feeling of heartburn.

10.Drop a raw egg? Don’t want to chase it around on the counter or floor trying to clean it up? Sprinkle it with enough table salt to get it to congeal, then easily scoop it up with a paper towel or napkin.

11.Want to cool beers quicker? Wrap your beers in 1 sheet of wet paper towel before putting them in the freezer. The water is a much better conductor of heat energy allowing your glass bottles to loose there heat much better.

12.When you’re having a hard time opening jars or bottles, rub around the side of the lid with your hand for a few seconds. The heat generated from this rubbing will cause the lid to expand slightly and separate from the thread. This will make it easier to twist the lid.

13.Just clean up broken glass? Lay a flashlight on the floor. Any leftover pieces will make a shadow so you can easily pick them up before your feet do.

14: Do chores when you feel angry. Keep to yourself and wash dishes, gardening, sweeping the floor, etc. Use all that adrenaline towards something that will benefit you instead of doing impulsive stuff.

15.when cleaning the blender, just fill it half way with hot water and a bit of dish soap. Then put the blender on and let it clean itself.

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