Ransack Zombie’s Munsters Images Tease Multiple Practical Effect Monsters

Filmmaker Rob Zombie teases new images from his upcoming adaptation of The Munsters that reveal some of the practical effects used to make monsters.

A series of new images from horror filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie’s upcoming adaptation of The Munsters tease the film’s practical effect monsters. Zombie’s been hard at work as of late on the film, based on the classic 1960s TV series of the same name. Though it only aired for two years (1964-1966), the series – which features a family based on classic iconic Universal monsters, has established a following that has persisted into the 21st century. Zombie’s adaptation will be the first theatrical release in the franchise since 1966.

After starting his career as a musician, Zombie began to drift into filmmaking. Influenced by the horror genre both within his music and the aesthetic of his band White Zombie, Zombie made his debut as a director in 2003 with the release of House of 1000 Corpses. In subsequent years, Zombie directed six more films and one documentary feature, including a reboot of John Carpenter’s legendary slasher Halloween and its sequel. In terms of his track record as a filmmaker, it’s no secret that Zombie’s films haven’t exactly been critically acclaimed hits. Yet regardless of how his work has fared on that particular level, he has undoubtedly succeeded in developing a dedicated fan following. What’s more, his passion for horror has kept him focused on a Munsters adaptation for 20 years now.

Throughout the production of The Munsters so far, Zombie has been bringing his excitement over the project to fans via his Instagram account. Most recently, his eagerness to keep fans up to date has resulted in several behind-the-scenes images that tease some of the film’s practical effect monsters. The creature in the final slide image looks incredibly ghoulish, and it’s precisely the sort of creation that will help to keep The Munsters as authentic as possible while still adding a bit of a new twist. Zombie praised the effects workers for their hard work, and even at this early stage, the images are sure to excite eager fans further:

It isn’t often anymore that horror filmmakers use practical effects – at least not to the degree seen in Zombie’s photos. The use of the practice in The Munsters feels natural to the style of horror filmmaking that Zombie favors, and though it may seem too early to say as much, practical effect monsters bode well for the film’s success. Arguably the biggest mistake that could be made in bringing the 60’s era series to the big screen would be the use of CGI effects, and Zombie has sensibly avoided that misstep.

There’s still a long way to go before The Munsters completes production – let alone arrives in theatres. But what has been seen so far from Zombie is sure to keep long-time fans of the TV series confident that the filmmaker is heading in the right direction. Zombie’s track record as a filmmaker may not be the most solid, but with a passion project of this degree under his control, it’s hard to see how he’d deliver anything less than the perfect adaptation.


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