Reasons You Should Never Wear Flip Flops

While flip flops have been in trend for years, they are not the most appropriate foot wear this summer. They make look cute, but they can cause serious foot problems. Here are a list of different ways in which flip flops can cause you issues….

You could sprain your ankle
Because there is no support at all around your foot you can easily twist your ankle. A simple twist could lead to spains, or even breaking your foot. Also flip flops can cause big problems as they dont have firm soles so easily get caught and so can cause a trip that can cause serious injury.

Objects could poke through
Due to the super thin soles it is easy for sharp objects such as nails, glass, and other dangerous objects on the ground to poke through and hurt you. You could end up needing a tetanus shot, or a splinter removed which can be very painful and cause infection.

No foot protection
As well as having the danger of something poking through the sole of the flip flop, your foot has no protection for your toes or the top of your feet. That means it is super easy to get injured by stubbing your toes. Also if something hard, sharp or hot falls down onto your feet there is nothing there to protect you.

No arch support
Due to the lack of arch support flip flops give, you could cause long term problems for your feet. The band of tissue in the arch of your foot will start to pull and with lack of support long term you could turn flat footed, even if you were not before.

No heel support
With normal shoes your foot naturally steps from heel to toe. But because flip-flops don’t have that arch support, you just step flat, hitting the ball of your foot hard. This can cause serious pain to the balls of your feet. Also with no heel support it can make your feet slip around making you walk differently putting strain on your legs, and hips.

Hammer Toe
Because flip flops only have a thin strap to keep them on, the toes will naturally bend up to grip onto the flip flop. This causes your whole foot, leg, and hip to work differently. If you have prolonged time in flip flops, your toes will spend a lot of time scrunched up, and so could stay in a fixed position that is called hammertoe.

Blisters and Sores
Flip flops can cause blisters and sores in between the toes were the strap digs in between the toes.

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