Ronaldo’s Girlfriend has These Bizarre Rules for the Legendary Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo is a popular name in football. He stands as probably the best player of our generation and he frequently makes it into awards of the best players ever. His Argentinian sweetheart, Georgina Rodriguez, is very mindful of her accomplice’s obligations as a football legend and has her own arrangement of rules to keep Ronaldo happy, healthy and sound. The couple has four kids. Ronaldo has a child with an unknown lady and a couple of twins through surrogacy. In 2017, Rodríguez brought forth their first little daughter together.

Obviously, when your spouse makes his living ensuring that he’s fit as a fiddle to outflank his rivals on the pitch, you’ll put everything on the line to guarantee his wellbeing. Ronaldo as of late turned 36 years. At his age, he still shows agility and youthful ability on the pitch. He’s presently number one in Italy’s top scorers’ outlines as he plays for Juventus F.C., in front of huge names like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Romelu Lukaku and Ciro Immobile.

To keep each other healthy, the couple has a few rules that may appear to be strange to individuals like you and I. Rodríguez as of late opened up about the couple’s relationship in a meeting with Sportweek (a sports newspaper). In addition to other things, she specified that Ronaldo isn’t permitted to change any lights at the couple’s Turin home. “Our roofs are extremely high. In the event that you were Cristiano Ronaldo, would you get on a ladder and change a light a few meters over the ground? It’s better in the event that he doesn’t,” Rodriguez said.

The Argentinian adds: “All Ronaldo needs to do, is be good at what he does. I’ll deal with the rest.” Obviously, considering the pair’s total assets, they’re capable of paying people to take care of them. Ronaldo is the first footballer to acquire $1 billion over his footballing career. Rodríguez has commented for instance, that she will once in a while cook for the footballer, yet they still have a cook. “It’s clear he is focused on his passion, football. He doesn’t cook. After an early daytime workout, he merits a decent meal that is made with love. We have a cook but I’ll do the cooking occasionally.”

According to Rodriguez, if a couple of home-prepared meals and a restriction on changing lights is everything necessary to keep your family happy and healthy, then it is an effort worth putting in.

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