Sandy Springs officer helps woman deliver baby on side of highway

A Sandy Springs cop got more than he bargained for when he checked a stopped car and eventually helped deliver a baby

Around 7:15 a.m. Monday, Officer P. Burt of the Sandy Springs Police Department Transportation Unit decided to inspect a car that was stopped on the access road to I285 East near New Northside Drive, said police spokesman Sgt. Sal Ortega, to The Atlanta Journal Constitution. In the car, Burt found a woman in labor.

“There is no ‘routine’ in our industry and every encounter can be accompanied by surprises like this,” Sandy Springs police wrote on Facebook.

After helping deliver the baby, Burt followed up with the mother and child at the hospital, the department said, adding, “both were doing very well.”

“Baby Noah will have a great story to tell when he grows up!” Department publishes.

Burt joined the Sandy Springs Police Department in December 2017. He began his career as a law enforcement officer in 2014 with the MARTA Police Force.

He was not available for comment Wednesday, but more details are expected to be released by Sandy Springs police

“It’s not a normal part of the job,” Officer Burt said. “I was ready to do what I am going to do, what I have to do for my community or for anyone who needs it. I’m here for you. For me it was just one more day, another part of “work”.
he Said he was on his way to work when we saw a car park on New Northside Drive and we motioned for a man to approach the vehicle.

Loud Burt, the man pointed frantically at the passenger door and muttered the words “Baby” and “Northside”.
As he approached the vehicle, Burt saw that his mother was in labor. Since he could not specify his whereabouts and saw the baby coming, he decided to grab some balloons and help the mother.

I myself had two children, so the birth process is not strange to me. I never did it myself as the firstborn, but I noticed the baby was a little purple, which is normal, “Burt said afterward.

He added that the baby didn’t make any noise at first, so he started, pat it on her back and rubbed it to make sure it was okay
Officer Burt kept in touch with the mother, even visiting the hospital and giving baby Noah some stuffed animals, including a Sandy Springs K9 stuffed animal.

“It’s” something uplifting to show the police a better side of life now, “added Burt. “I’m glad that I was allowed to be a part of this.”
Sandy Springs Police Department said mother and baby are doing fine.

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