Selena Gomez Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder And She Reveals This In A Livestream

Singer Selena Gomez has revealed that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The 27-year-old woman, discovered while streaming “Bright Minded” with
Miley Cyrus, said she was grateful that over the years she had come to know the cause of her suffering and gained every possible understanding of her condition. I wanted to, he added.

Selena Gomez, 27, revealed on her Bright Mind Live broadcast with Miley Cyrus that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In a candid conversation about mental health, Gomez revealed that he was diagnosed after visiting McLean Psychiatric Hospital and the Neuroscience Research Center in Massachusetts. “My most recent visit to one of the best psychiatric hospitals in America,”

Gomez explains, “was to discover that I had bipolar disorder, which I had been through for years.”

Upon learning of the diagnosis, Gomez added that he was equally terrified because the veil was removed, but he was relieved to learn why he suffered from multiple depressions and anxiety.
She went on to say: “I have never fully understood this state and the answer to it. More detailed information would be really helpful and I won’t be intimidated when I find out. When she was a child, she was afraid of thunder and lightning, so her mother bought her a book about lightning.”

“The more I learned about it, the less fearful I felt and it completely worked. This has helped me a lot.”

Selena admitted that growing up in Texas, she doesn’t really like talking about her feelings.

“I’m from Texas and they don’t talk about mental health. You have to look really cool, but I see teenagers and kids getting angry because they want it so much. So when you say you want to know, your fear goes away.” Gomez added.

However, hitmaker Good For You took a career break in August 2016 to deal with the depression, anxiety and panic attacks caused by lupus.

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