Self Proclaimed “Plant Daddy” Who Is Addicted To Plants Says He Has Spent More Than $5,000 On Houseplants.

Cyril Sontillano is well known in his circle as “Plant Daddy” for his love and addiction to plants. To date, the man has spent thousands of dollars on his plants and spends most of his time nurturing and caring for them.

Cyril Sontillano from Monterey, California, USA, confesses that he prefers the company of plants over people and has more than 300 plants in his home and 70 outside. Apart from spending large amounts of money on his plants, Cyril spends most of his time watering, re-potting, and generally admiring his plants.

This is the way Cyril has earned the nickname ‘Plant Daddy’, but the 30-year-old insists his passion for plants is worth all of the time and money he invests.

He said: “My friends and family send me photos of their kids; I send them photos of my plants.

“Being a father to plants is an addiction. Very much so. Although compared to any other addiction, besides the financial side, plants are generally the best to be addicted to. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

“In a day I spend 30 mins to an hour at least just randomly spot-checking my plants and admiring new growth and flowers. During the weekend I spend at least 2-3 hours re-potting a plant, making moss poles, taking pictures and recording videos for my social media accounts.

“I’ve spent a lot of money for sure but what I have gained in return is priceless and continues to add value to my life and my existence including the people around me.”

His love and obsession for plants may appear weird for many people but for Cyril, his love of plants is in his DNA.

He said: “I come from generations of plant lovers and farmers and I think it’s something I’ve acquired genetically and through the upbringing and the environment I grew up in.
“Those who know me personally were not shocked. They always knew me as the boy who lived in the house with a lot of plants, my mother is the neighborhood plant lady and my grandmothers were orchid enthusiasts.

“I enjoy gardening and caring for my plants and all the creative pursuits I do which relate to it.

“I consider my plants my collection, my decor and my vices. Having plants around me is just relaxing, they allow me to be creative and encourage me to be patient and resilient.”

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