She Is 48 Year Old Grandmother But Looks As Young As A 26 Year Old Model (Check Photos)

Beauty may only be subjective, but there are some people who are adept at taking care of themselves. Our perspective on grandmothers is as if they are really old, always caring for and knitting clothes for their grandchildren, but this one is different. She is a model and looks like a single girl. She knows how to take care of herself. She is an inspiration!

Not Your typical Grandmom!

As mentioned earlier, our perception of grandmas is very outdated. But everything that we assume grandmoms are, Zaklina is not. I mean, of course she loves her kids and grand kids a lot but she doesn’t stand true on other descriptions of a typical Grandma!

Zaklina Pisano

This 48-year old beauty is super popular on instagram. Zaklina Pisano stunned everyone by revealing that she is a grandmother, She is in her late 40s but looks as if in her early 20s. I mean, look at this image.


She has gained a huge Instagram following and her fashion choice is something worth appreciating! To let her fans know that she is not another teen on Instagram she hashtags her pictures with, #grandmotherthatlovesfashion. She has over 500k followers on Instagram.

Well Traveled!

This Serbian stunner is a very well traveled woman as well. She has lived in countries like Switzerland, France, and Poland. She is popular everywhere for her amazing fashion sense!

An Inspiration

Currently she is in Italy embracing her lifestyle with a range of beautiful outfits and sunglasses. She is an extremely inspiring figure for women all around the world. AT 50, if she can be like this, why can’t you?


This woman has a 28 year old daughter and her favorite thing is to spend time with her and her daughter’s kid! She is a testament that age is just a number. Zakina is serious #InstagramGoals that we need today. It doesn’t matter what your age is you should carry yourself with swag and utmost grace.

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