She Says “It Never Make Me Feel Bad Or Guilty’ I’ve Cheated On Most Of My BFs”

Kanika Batra is a 26-year-old Miss World Australia finalist. The Sydney model recently claimed that she was rated by numerous psychiatrists who concluded that she had an antisocial and narcissistic personality. Common characteristics of the Kaniki state include a tendency to lie, manipulation, neglect of others, and lack of empathy.

Miss World Australia finalist Kanika Batra, 26, has an anti-social and narcissistic personality.

The discovery appeared in a YouTube video titled “Interview with a Sociopath,” which talked about her mental health. Kanika argues that it’s hard for her to be a good person for her morals and it’s very easy for her to become an unfaithful person, especially since she never felt guilty or ashamed of her own actions. She said she had an affair with three of her five boyfriends because of her condition.

“I didn’t have much respect for other people because I didn’t feel good when I saw them. I didn’t feel guilty. I betrayed someone and did not go home and did not sleep at night. It’s easy for us to turn this part off and split it into parts.” – Kanika said.

Kanika is more likely to injure herself and show a bad steak to someone who can get revenge.

Although she has no regrets about her past actions, Kanika has said twice that she avoided mistakes. She continued, “I feel like my life is happy and doing well, but I’m not as happy as a neurotic. With all the stigma and hatred filling your throat, I like to give myself a chance.” People with conditions like

Kanika may fall in love with a bombardment of potential dating.

Kanika also said that people with conditions like her could fall in love with potential dating, a bomb that they generously use their attention and affection for when they influence or manipulate a person. The current Australian model does not want children until after treatment has been completed so that they can support them physically, emotionally and financially.

Kanika was trained to blink and make frequent eye contact with people, but is currently engaged to boyfriend Sam. Although she had to reveal her personality disorder once she became very friendly. But her video got over 77,000 views, and Kanika was well-received for her bold talk about her own struggles.

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