Simple Ways To Improve Your Eyesight

1.Be sure to have regular eye checks. Having the right prescription is so important as it will stop eye strain. Having regular eye checks also means that they will be able pick up any serious problems. Glaucoma for example will give no symptoms until it is too late so it is vital to get your eyes checked even if you think your fine.

2.Get enough sleep. During sleep our bodies, muscles and tissues repair. Getting enough sleep helps our bodies function at its best, which of course includes your eyes. A lack of sleep can cause eye strain as you struggle to concentrate and you can suffer dry eyes.

3.Wear sunglasses. It is important to protect your eyes from UV rays and sun damage. While we know the sun can cause damage to our skin, our eyes are 10 times more sensitive and therefore need protection especially on those sunny days when the suns rays are the harshest.

4.Limit screen time. Too much time in front of electronics can cause strain, headaches, blurred vision. You can also suffer with dry eyes as concentration leads to less blinking. The blue light that is transmitted from screens, such as TVs, Laptops and even our phones can be harmful to light-sensitive cells like those in the retina.

5.Eat raw spinach. This super food contains antioxidant lutein which helps against damage and reduces inflammation in your eyes. It is best to eat it raw as cooking spinach will reduce the amount of lutein and therefore reduces its benefits. To help increase your body’s absorption, it is best to eat with dairy.

6. Lower your cholesterol. High cholesterol narrows your arteries and therefore leads to eye disorders. The key is to reduce saturated fats in your diet and keep fit and healthy with plenty of exercise.

As mentioned before spinach is really good for your eyes. But if you are not a fan then there are other foods that will be of benefit.
Kale + Carrots – Are a great source of Vitamin A which is important to help protect the retina and cornea.

Green tea, turmeric + garlic – Antioxidants in all of these are perfect to protect our bodies and help to keep cells healthy. They also help reduce the risks of cataracts and glaucoma.

Avocado, raw almonds,lentils + sunflower seeds – These are full of zinc which is found in the retina, so adding these into your diet is important to maintain good eye health.

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