Single 30 Y.O. Man Purchases A Billboard Asking Women To Date Him And It’s Hilariously Viral

An advert, featuring 30-Year-Old single Mark confidently sprawled across a red background with text in simple Comic Sans that reads: ‘Date Mark – This Could Be The Sign You’ve Been Waiting For. Visit’

Catching the eye of thousands of drivers and pedestrians passing through the square where it’s placed, Mark hopes a number of people will be intrigued enough to visit his straightforward website.

Mark Purchased A Billboard Advertising Himself To Get A Date

He Revealed His Silly And Sensitive Sides On The Website

His Descriptions Are Earnest!

Mark, who said he’s modest and extremely handsome works as a marketer, thus he sure knows how to leave a good impression. Being quite unlucky with love, Mark revealed his tired of being the only single among his friends. Speaking about the pool of applicants so far, Mark told Metro, 1000 applicants and counting leave him a good portion to choose from.

Mark’s Facts And Stats You Should Know Of

His Applicants Increased Tenfold In Just A Day

With the billboard purchase valued at £425, Mark equally set up a fundraiser hoping to take over more billboards in the United Kingdom in a bid to show he’s open-minded. In the main time, Mark sure has a handful of potential suitors to respond to.

Internet Users, However, Think Mark Is Onto Something

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