Somebody Crushed Up Duck’s Nest, Lady Saved Broken Egg By Carrying It In Her Bra For 35 Days

Betsy Ross and her family were having a day out to the park to play pickleball in Visalia, California. But soon, the family noticed that a duck nest close by that was ruined. Betsy later revealed, “Some kids smashed all the duck nests at our park.”

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All but a lone egg was left in the nest!

This is beginning to give some Nemo vibe. The egg was left with a small crack, but the membrane did not break, which means the egg could still be saved. Betty’s upset kids asked her mom to save the egg, so mom came to the rescue.

First thing’s first – the egg is probably losing heat, so Betty placed them in her bra.

And this goes on for 35 days until the egg was ready to hatch. She would still take a shower and when that’s the case, she hands the egg to her husband. She also couldn’t afford an incubator, so body heat was her only choice.

Being a chubby girl helps her in holding the egg up just fine. She would use sports bra and even sleep with the egg to make sure it stays warm. Every few hours she would rotate the egg. Plus, she’s taken her summer off to care for the egg.

“I called our wildlife place here they said they didn’t take eggs,” said Betty. “So, I asked what if I hatched it… they said sure.”

What was the chances of the egg hatching? As many knows, the skill needed to care for an egg that is not yours and of a different species is complicated. Well, her family also thought the egg won’t survive, “Nobody thought it would hatch they all doubted me.”

But the moment she saw movement in the egg through the flashlight, she was invested. “My husband would laugh ’cause I would talk to him. Mama’s sweet egg. I love you already!”

Eventually, Betty got the materials ready to create a makeshift incubator for the duck to hatch in. When it starts pipping, she puts it in the box and waited.

And. It. Cracked!

The little thing managed to crack out with its beak and Betty could confirm that the duckling was trying to get out. But then after confirming with a vet, it appears that the duck was still vacuum sealed by the sac and Betty had to slowly peel the shell away and make sure he could breathe.

Nobody thought lil’ duckling was going to make it, even Betty was worried because he didn’t move a lot after hatching. And now, he’s still stuck with yolk because he was premature. Betty used wet towel and applied antibiotics to prevent infection twice a day on him. After researching, Betty found out it could also be due to unstable temperature.

He was eventually out and alive, but looked very weak.

Betty didn’t give up. He helped him up to drink and after a few days, the family found out in the morning that baby duck was walking around! Betty would let him swim in the tub or mud puddles from time to time. They named him Thawne because her kids were inspired by comicbook characters.

Clingy duck would scream when mom goes off without her, so Betty ended up making a carried to bring Thawne around. The wildlife place later told her that they don’t take in this particular species, so Betty handed him over to another rescue farm.

She said she wanted to keep him, but said, “It wouldn’t be fair to him not to have other ducks or a pond.”

Now, Thawne is a happy duck at a new farm with a pond and friends!

Everyone loves this wholesome story they need badly during this horrible time.

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