Someone shared an illustration of working women fighting, but the man responded with his edited version.

Society often talks about gender equality at the workplace, but equality in work division at home is hardly discussed. The challenges women face are gender-specific and multifaceted, which is why they mostly escape male attention. It is saddening that most men are yet to realize how uneven distribution of household chores acts as an obstruction to professional success for women.

Anand Mahindra shared a cartoon image to explain that women require more effort to succeed than men.

However, just when the chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, was put in charge of babysitting his one-year-old grandson, he attested to the challenges faced by women. He took to Twitter to praise women, thereby initiating a debate on gender equality. Mahindra posted a photo that featured formally dressed men and women on a race track. And while the track was clear for the men, the path was filled with several domestic obstacles for women.

However, some men were offended by his tweet and created their edited version of the image.

Peruvian political cartoonist Carlin drew this thought-provoking photo. The artist draws a daily panel for Peru publication La Republica. As expected, some men felt offended by Mahindra’s tweet, so they launched their version. User @BS_Bhakuni shared the edited version and captioned it: “How about this, sir,” while it also featured subject matter like Prostrate cancer, Biased laws, among others on the men’s track.

The reactions to the cartoon are mostly a mix of women showing their appreciation for being acknowledged.

@Bs_Bhakuni’s image has since sparked mixed reactions. While most women showed their appreciation for being acknowledged, a few sparked a conversation on whether or not women and men have the same opportunities. However, considerable evidence has proved that fathers experience more happiness from parenthood than mothers. And this is because they have more time and space for other activities in the world.

Some followed the path of whether or not women and men have the same opportunities.

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