Stacey Solomon says that her Privates Are “100% broken” after the birth of her first daughter

Stacey Solomon told her online followers that her privacy has been 100% broken and that she will be forced to wear adult diapers after giving birth to daughter Rose earlier this month. Her reveal came after a fan asked her, “Be careful, she’s so cute it must make you think. Do you want more?? They say that you are more fertile when you have a baby ”. She ended up with laughing emojis.

Stacey Solomon shares adorable snaps and videos on her Instagram story of her new baby daughter Rose.

The 32-Year-Old responded: “I take my hat off to anyone who can even think about procreating 11 days after giving birth. My noon is still 100% broken, and I mean, I could be wrong (probably am), but I don’t think anyone in the history of getting pregnant ever got pregnant while still needing adult nappies to catch the afterbirth.”

The Loose Women panelist has since been receiving messages, including if she would have any more kids.

As seen in a video on her Instagram story, The Loose Woman Star giggled before she continued: “Oh my gosh, I read this message while I was on the toilet just getting a fresh pair of these bad boys on.” Stacey was seen pinging the elasticated waistband, visible under her trousers, as she added: “My nuni is still broken, to be completely honest.”

Responding, Stacey said she takes ‘her hat off to anyone who can think of procreating 11 days after birth.

“But trust me, no one ever got pregnant while still wearing these. So we’re safe.” This comes after Stacy revealed that she and fiancé Joe had settled on the Rose Opal Esme Solomon-Swash for their daughter, whom they welcomed last Monday, which was her 32nd birthday. Pregnant Dannielle Lloyd had told OK! Magazine she had hoped to use the Rose name for her daughter.

Stacey gave birth to her first daughter last Monday, which was also her 32nd birthday.

Baby Rose is her and fiancé Joe Swash’s first daughter as they have son Rex together.

“Sadly, Stacey Solomon chose Rose, which was one of our favorites! We’re gutted, haha! When I saw Stacey’s girl’s name, I texted Michael going, Noo! She’s called her Rose! It is a really cute name, though.” Lloyd had said. However, Stacy and her fiancé, Joe, have continually expressed their love for baby Rose, dubbing her a beautiful flower and precious jewel ever loved.

Stacey has had Zachary and Leighton from previous relationships, and Joe has had a son Harry also of a prior relationship.

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