Stranger Keeps Parking In This Homeowners Driveway

We’ve all had encounters with bad parking. Whether it be someone blocking you in or parking too close so you cant open your door. But this poor reddit user “BusDriverJim,” had the ultimate bad parking. He had to deal with a rude stranger who kept parking on his driveway, completely blocking Jim from accessing it. But Jim wasn’t going to let him get away with it! So he crafted a genius plan to get back at this man and teach him to never park in the wrong spot again. And boy did it work!

Here is what was posted….. ”This happened to me a few years ago, I had recently moved to the north of Scotland where I now live and was staying with my mum and stepdad while getting a house sorted, they went away on holiday for a fortnight so missed all the fun.

I came home from work one afternoon (started at 0400 and finished at 1330) to find a car blocking the driveway into my house! Having a small car, I parked at the top of the drive blocking them in. (My parents live out in the sticks on a single track road so I couldn’t leave my car where it was because I would have been blocking the road).

After an hour I saw someone approaching the drive and taking pictures of my car!!

I went out and confronted them and the conversation went like this.
Me.. why are you taking pictures of my car?

EP.. because your parked illegally and blocking my car in. I’m going to call the police if you don’t move your car from my neighbour drive!

Me.. this is my clearly parents drive, did you not think it was odd having to walk out of someone’s garden to get into neighbour?

EP.. well it wasn’t very clear so can you move so I can get out.

So I get my keys and move, then park my car and think nothing of it

Next morning I leave for work and once again I find the same car parked in my parents drive! This time I go knock on my neighbours door and ask him to get his friend to shift it… only for my neighbour to ask “what friend”? I pointed to the car and told him what had happened yesterday, turns out the prat wasn’t his friend at all but liked to walk round the woodland path near our houses.

20 minutes later he finally appears, smirks and moves before saying

EP.. I’ll be parked here tomorrow too.

So once again I go to work at stupid o’clock and when I get back, lo and behold, the prat has parked their again! This time I decided to teach him a lesson, I had 2 days off so I went to the shops and got some shopping and a rather large amount of alcohol, got home, parked as close to his car as I could, making sure I was safely off the road.

I went inside, made some dinner and started drinking, about an hour later there’s a banging on the door.
Me.. yes

EP.. move your car it’s blocking me in and my family want to go home.

I look out and there’s his rather embarrassed looking family sitting in their car.
Me.. sorry can’t (as I took another drink from my cider) been drinking for a couple of hours, probably over the limit so I don’t want to risk it.

EP.. WHAT!!!! Why are you drinking when you knew I’d be wanting to move my car

Me.. I’m off for the next 2 days so I fancied a drink


Me.. you do that. Before shutting the door and popping into the lounge to watch tv while also watching them through the window. About 2 hours (apparently they police had trouble finding my house lol) later the police arrive and speak to EP before they knock on my door.

Me.. yes officers how can I help

Police Officer 1.. why are you stopping EP from leaving? So I began explaining the events of the previous days and mentioned how I’d told him he couldn’t park here, I also explained that I had been drinking and was probably over the limit so I couldn’t risk moving my car!

Police Officer 1 & 2 agreed that I was correct to not drive while intoxicated, they then asked what insurance I had. I pointed out that it’s was named driver only (basically means that only people who’s name is on the insurance can drive my car) so they couldn’t move it for me.


Police Officer 2.. just going to get the breathalyser… blow into this please (to me)… your about 2 times the legal limit, so I’m sorry but you can’t move your car

Police Officer 1.. (to EP) sorry but he’s over the limit, you’ll have to leave your car here and come back tomorrow

EP.. WHAT! But how are we meant to get home

Me.. bus stop about 2 miles down that road, you’ll get the bus to (insert city) at this time, or (insert town) at this time

EP.. but the bus doesn’t go anywhere near where we live…

Police Officer 2.. We can call you a taxi if you want, but you’ll need to pay for it

EP.. he did this deliberately!

Me.. yup lol

Fast forward to the next day the police arrive with him in their car and before they ask me to move my car they decided to have some fun
Police Officer 1.. we just want to check you with the breathalyser again… big deep breath…

EP looking more and more worried

Police Officer 2.. your fine, can you move your car please

Me.. of course officers

Police Officer 1 to EP.. don’t park your car here again

EP couldn’t even look at me, just got in his car and drove off, later that day I decided to build a gate for my parents.

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