Student Finally Bags ‘Hot Rugby Boy Neighbour’ After Months Of Wolf-Whistling

In early 2021, Francesca Burrin and her housemate were revising when they spotted a rugby ball thrown up and down behind their garden wall in Liverpool. Sooner, they discovered it was their neighbor named Joe Pearce. And since then, 20-Year-Old Francesca had regularly spied on her crush from her bedroom window.

For months, Francesca, 20, spied on Pearce and his friends in the garden from her bedroom window.

It eventually migrated into Francesca wanting 21-Year-Old Pearce to take notice of her, which of course, the Rugby player reportedly claimed he and his friend found hilarious. Francesca revealed her housemate Jasmeena urged her to reach out to him as she was ready to find love again, especially because she had just come out of a long-term relationship.

Pearce and his friends found Francesca’s moves hilarious when they noticed.

“We saw Joe and a couple of his friends playing outside. I don’t think they saw us first. They eventually caught on once we started knocking and whistling and stuff. They lapped up the attention but pretended they weren’t interested, but then we finally met them.” Francesca, according to The Sun, said. The anatomy and human biology student then started writing romantic notes on paper Aeroplanes.

Sooner, it migrated into making paper airplanes reading “marry me” to woe him over.

It took days before Pearce added her Snapchat, and he coolly had asked, “you must be the neighbor then?”.

And even pinned up a sign on her window featuring her Snapchat username to entice Pearce. Thankfully, her Snapchat move, as suggested by her housemate Jasmeena worked. It took three days before Pearce added her account and coolly asked: “You must be the neighbor then? The duo chatted online before Francesca and her housemates met Pearce and his friends for drinks.

The pair chatted online before Francesca and her housemates met Pearce and his friends for drinks.

The pair are now dating and had even been forced into self-isolation together as Francesca caught coronavirus.

Francesca added: “We talked for about two months and didn’t agree to go on a date or anything. We knew who each other was and followed each other on Instagram. We eventually met in May and went for some drinks. Jasmeena matched with Joe’s housemate on Tinder, and he said, ‘why don’t you and the girls come out for some drinks.”

It’s already two months as a couple and Francesca hopes her story will encourage women to shoot their shot.

Soon after, the pair started dating and were forced into self-isolation together as Francesca caught coronavirus. It could have been a make-or-break situation, but Pearce temporarily moved in, which helped them grow closer and were already an item before long. Francesca hopes her love story will inspire other women to shoot their shots. On the other hand, Pearce admitted it was apparent what Francesca wanted as he said putting signs up in the window isn’t the subtlest.


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