Ten Top Tips For Travel & Staying In Hotels

Everyone has a hotel horror story. From disgusting bathrooms, to getting locked out of their room. So we’ve complied a list of some of the most surefire Top Tips For Travel & Staying In Hotels that will ensure you get the most out of your stay!

1.Let them know if its a special occasion
If your hotel stay marks a special occasion like a honeymoon,anniversary or birthday then you could be in with a a chance of getting a free upgrade or special treatment if you tell the hotel before you check in. Make sure to call ahead of time, don’t spring it on them last minute of you might miss out.

2.Use a shower cap for the remote to keep away from germs
While most hotels do their upmost to keep their rooms looking clean, some things get forgotten, the remote control is top of the list. Many hotels give complimentary shower caps for you to use during your stay, so instead use it to put the remote in and then you don’t need to worry about the gross germs that might be lurking on the remote.

3. Always flip the door latch in your hotel room
This is critical for your security while staying in your hotel room. It will stop anyone barging in by accident, and stops unnecessary disturbances.

4.Put the “do not disturb” sign on the door when you leave the hotel room
Putting a Do Not Distrub sign on your door will not only help you get better sleep at night, as passerby are usually quieter if they see it, but during the day it can give the illusion that someone is room. Therefore deterring any would be theives.To furthr the illusion someone is in the room when in reality your not, you can leave the TV on.

5.Bring a HDMI cable
If you are travelling with your laptop then don’t forget to take a HDMI cable along with you. Most modern hotels have televisions with HDMI ports. You can easily connect your laptop up and you’ve got all the streaming you want (like Netflix ect) from your laptop on a bigger screen.

6.Stuff a towel down their bottom of the door to reduce sound
This is an old trick that can help reduce noise from the hotel corridor. Unfortunately it won’t stop it completely, but it can be useful if you need a good nights sleep.

7.Use the room ironing board for a desk
Some hotels wont have sufficient space for you to put your laptop and work form. However most come with a full size ironing board. Whats better is that you can adjust the ironing board to get the best height for comfortable typing. The iron board can also double up as a diner table if their isn’t one available

8.Any card will keep the electric on
Don’t think that its only the hotel room card that needs to be inserted into the slot to keep the electric on while you are in the room. Any credit card sized card will do the job just as good. So you are free to take your room key out with you and have a cool air conditioned room ready waiting for you when you come back.

9.Use a peg or a coat hanger with clips to stop light streaming in
While hotels often have heavy black out curtains, more often than not a slim line of light will still stream in where the curtains don’t quite meet. To solve this use a peg or one of the coat hangers with clips provided to clip the curtains together before you go to sleep.

10.Be kind to staff
Friendliness goes a long way at hotels where customers are often rude and demanding towards staff. So be polite, get to know the staff and tip well. This will make all the difference to the service that you will receive. It’s a win win for everyone.


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