The 25 Hilarious Husbands And BFs Who Know How To Keep Spark Alive In Relationship

A happy relationship is one where the couple keeps healthy amount of inside jokes and humor. Nothing like a dad joke to make things awkward but still hilarious. What men wouldn’t do to keep their partners happy and laughing?

We would like to show you some really hilarious things husbands and boyfriends do. Pretty sure these are some lucky women whose relationships are always exciting!

Thought husband was making a new bed frame for us. It was for our cat.

He fell asleep when wife asked about him, so I put these on his face just to show what he’s been like before this.

I asked him to pick my outfit for me while I shower.

Plane toast.

Celebrating our 1st anniversary with our Tinder chat printed on a blanket.

Girlfriend’s work got her wearing this at work today.

When you don’t have the right candles for her 39th birthday.

The distressed Target husband.

Wife forgot to leave the baby car seat and asked how I’m getting son to babysitter’s home. Sent her this picture and turned the phone off for 4 hours.

Spending some quality time with boyfriend and the dog at the beach.

Wife wanted me dressed for a professional Christmas picture, so I did.

I’m alone with the dog this weekend and sent girlfriend a picture.

Bail money.

Sending wife sexy pictures.

Noting down on what sleep-talking girlfriend says when she sleeps.

Spent 10 minutes taking wife’s pictures for Instagram. Asked her to do the same and we got this perfection in one take.

Writing this down because my wife cries at absolutely anything.

Did a photobomb on wife for our wedding photoshoot.

Uncle upped his game on Christmas decoration upon wife’s instigation.

Updating wife for my first time being left alone with the kids.

I am jealous of the special bond my boyfriend and cat has.

This was husband’s idea for our gender reveal cake.

He cracked a dad joke to make the family smile during the photo shoot.

Husband labeled our herbs.

I told fiance that we’re going to need a funny tree topper to offset our ‘adult’ tree and he didn’t disappoint.

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